Monday, August 25, 2014

The Internet by the Numbers

You may not like crunching numbers, but you'll find the numbers behind the daily life of Google in search rather interesting. According to Internet Live Stats, the average number of searches per second clocks in at more than 45,000. This translates to almost four billion searches every day and it will just keep rising.

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Importance of Using SEO in Marketing Campaigns

With more and more people using the Internet, it makes sense for businesses to seek the best ways to promote their products and services online. Search engine optimization, or simply SEO, has made it easier for their campaigns to attract potential clients. With the continued use of search engines like Google, keyword optimization will make websites more visible and accessible to people.

One of the Leading Covington, LA SEO Companies Chosen to Market LEOSA

"LEOSA, or the Law Enforcement Officers Safety Act, is a U.S. Federal Law enacted in 2004 that allows two classes of qualified individuals to carry concealed firearms in any jurisdiction in the United States. A roster of “qualified law enforcement officers” and “qualified retired law enforcement officers” are eligible to benefit from this law which was designed by the U.S. Congress to improve homeland and national security as a reaction to 9/11. Under a contract awarded to Defense Consulting Services, qualified active and retired U.S. Air Force Security Forces personnel will now be issued credentials to be LEOSA eligible. With the project’s scope and importance, Defense Consulting Services was right to call on one of the reputable SEO companies in Covington, LA to market the program to members of the Air Force and to the general public."