Thursday, March 5, 2015

Elements that Affect Your Search Engine Ranking

SEO is about obeying the rules set by the search engines, Google in particular. The only way to get more visits to your website is to be noticed by Google crawlers, so that your site can get indexed and ranked favorably in its search engine results page (SERP)

Understanding the algorithms set by the search engines can bring huge traffic to your website, and a higher chance that those visits can translate to actual sales. Not many businessmen are savvy with current popular online marketing techniques. It’s important to understand how they work; however the complexity of implementing them can take away from the core responsibilities that business owners should be focusing on.

Keyword placement is the backbone of search engine optimization. Optimizing your website means strategically integrating keywords to your content for engine crawlers to pick up and rank accordingly.  When writing title tags, for instance, make sure to put the keywords close to the beginning. In longer texts, it’s ideal to scatter the keywords throughout.

Quality of content affects search engine ranking, as well. Quality refers to the interest and relevance your website information stirs up on the Web; however, quality also refers to images and graphics and overall web design and development—everything that you see on the webpages—with ease of navigation a leading factor in boosting your site to the top listing in Google’s organic search results.

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