Monday, August 25, 2014

The Internet by the Numbers

You may not like crunching numbers, but you'll find the numbers behind the daily life of Google in search rather interesting. According to Internet Live Stats, the average number of searches per second clocks in at more than 45,000. This translates to almost four billion searches every day and it will just keep rising.

Google has reduced the number of results it shows per page from ten to seven because of paid search. The last three are paid positions situated on top or at the right side of organic search results. Nevertheless, organic search continues to receive at least 94 percent of the amount of clicks. Anyone saying paid search is better is clearly mistaken.

Don't think Google would turn a blind eye to social media anytime soon. According to Internet Live Stats, Internet users make 7,520 tweets, upload 1,249 photos on Instagram, publish 1,443 posts on Tumblr, make 1,515 calls on Skype, and watch 87,269 videos on YouTube per second. Imagine how fast Google has to compensate for new uploads.

Internet activity, in general, totals roughly 23 terabytes of data. If internet traffic is a hard drive─ provided that the average movie is 2 GB and the average music file is 4 MB─ then it can store 11,468 movies and 5,734,000 songs. 

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