Friday, January 30, 2015

Google Isn’t All There is in Internet Searches

When talking about SEO, one search engine practically rules them all: Google. Only three years ago, Google processed 1.6 trillion—that’s right, trillion—search queries for the year. With the web usage boom being experienced today, that number would have easily swelled to a few trillions more. These mind-boggling features, notwithstanding, Google is not the only search engine with SEO potential out there.
DuckDuckGo – If there’s one thing that people don’t like about Google, it’s that it tracks the queries. With, it’s an entirely different story. This search engine is the go-to place for privacy-conscious web users, because it doesn’t use cookies to identify the user, and doesn’t store IP addresses or user agents. Unlike Google, it doesn’t even try to connect queries together through an identifier.

Blekko – Google also struggles with one other thing, even with frequent updates: search return pages still include irrelevant results from time to time. Not with Blekko. Blekko is great at keeping its results pages squeaky-clean—free of ad-filled results and only features the most trusted sites even their own editors would recommend. In other words, those looking for ultra-specific topics can turn to Blekko.

Ask – Google may have its Hummingbird that allows “conversational” queries, but actually wins at it.’s engine features a robust question and answer system with loads of content, which allows users to literally “ask” the engine a question, and get real answers. 

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