Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Top Misconceptions of Hiring an Expert SEO Company

Many companies will seek to have someone do their Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for them. If yours is one such company, you’re going to need to use your best judgment when selecting an SEO professional to work with, because things aren’t always what they seem. Be wary about these three misconceptions when evaluating an SEO company:

Their Website Ranks First in SERPs

Being ranked first is always the goal, and it's something every SEO company should strive for. However, just because an SEO company is ranked first doesn't mean that they are the best at what they do or that they know their stuff. They could just be the only SEO firm in that region. Age of the domain also comes into play, as do certain other aspects that may not have anything to do with SEO.

The Better the Website, the Better the Company

While a pretty website does attract customers, it’s a totally different beast than getting your site and content up on the search ranks. So unless you want someone to do both SEO and Web Design, you are better off asking about their experience in ranking customers than being impressed by their graphic skills.

Tons of Employees and Money Means Something

Bigger isn't always the best option to go. You might be surprised at what the smaller firms can do for you, as opposed to the mega-corporations who may not be able to give your campaign the laser focus it needs to succeed.

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