Saturday, September 12, 2015

Attracting the Attention of Customers On the Go

From smartphones to Apple Watches, more and more consumers are doing their searching on the go. What this means for businesses in and around Covington, LA, is that there are lots of opportunities to connect with those customers. One way to achieve this goal is by embracing – and taking advantage of – local SEO.

Local SEO and Consistent Business Info

Customers on the go aren't going to be able to find your business when performing a search if your information is incorrect or outdated. Google's bots also notice any discrepancies with addresses, phone numbers, and business names. This issue can be corrected by claiming your business on review sites, deleting online accounts you no longer use, and correcting errors with your business info.

Building Relationships with Local SEO

Build more relationships by "localizing" articles related to your business. This can be done by referencing specific neighborhoods or adding some variation of the city and state to some of the tiles in your blog or social media posts. Announcing upcoming community events in your blog, for instance, is likely to pique the interest of local customers – and drive some traffic to your website in the process.

Google is friendly to small businesses looking to connect with local customers. There are plenty of free tools at your disposal to measure online traffic, track conversions, and identify trends. If you're not able to take care of all this yourself, marketing professionals can offer assistance in the finer points of effective local SEO.

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