Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ways You Can Increase Your Automotive Social Media Marketing Efforts Quickly

Building a presence online is key if your auto dealership wants continued growth in this technology-driven age. There are many great avenues you can take for growing online, but social media is one of the easier platforms to master. You just need to set up a profile for your dealership, build a following, and post regularly about your services and inventory. Achieving success with automotive social media marketing can be easy if you know and follow the right process.

Develop the Right Plan and Goals

Marketing experts will first ask you, “Why are you using social media marketing?” Is it to attract more visitors to your dealership’s website, or are you trying to raise brand awareness? After identifying your goals, your marketing specialist will then map out a social media marketing plan, which begins with the right platform.

Facebook is one of the biggest platforms for spreading your dealership’s reach across different age groups. In terms of a more visual platform that targets younger car shoppers, Instagram might be your best bet. This platform, owned by Facebook, had more than 400 million active users in 2010. Read more from this blog: http://bit.ly/2jVWRTY

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